News Blurbs for June 24th 2011

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of post. I’ve been busy with stuff that had to get done but it’s over now. Well, not over but I can at least give you some news blurbs to tide you down. Also, before I forget about it, Ziven birthday is today so if you have time, wish her a Happy Exit from the Womb day in the comments and stuff. With that, Here are the News Blurbs of June 24th of this Week

Video Games

Sony is having some legal problems which shouldn’t be a surprise because of the hacks. One of most recent were that of that of a class action suit which claims that Sony FIRED their security team just before the hacks started. This was reported by Gameinformer.

For the anniversary of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sega now has a demo of their latest game, Sonic Generations. You can download it now from PSN and Xbox Live Marketplace until July.


Fox decided to not do Locke and Key, a TV show adapt of a comic series from the same name but it isn’t  stopping IDW from showing you it. At Comic-Con this year, you will be able to see the Pilot of the series that won’t be (for now) at the Con. It will be your only chance to see it so if you are going to Comic-Con, GO FUCKING SEE IT. The Comic is FUCKING GREAT!

Another thing that will be at the Con, some movie news on the Spider-man movie reboot, The Spectacular Spider-man, will show some clips or something. No Avengers, Superman  (Which is Called Man of Steel) and Batman (The Dark Knight Rises) there either but I wouldn’t go past Batman not being there in some form.


speaking of Spider-man, He’s dead. Well, Ultimate Peter Parker is. Unless you don’t care or haven’t kept up with it, Utimate Peter Parker did the ultimate sacrifice to protect the ones he loved. I’m not tell you how but I will tell you that while he is dead, Spider-Man isn’t. He will come back in some way and judging by the pic I used for what seems to be the next cover of the next Volume, I have no fucking idea who it is.


J.K Rolling, the author of the Harry Potter books, has announced the new website, Pottermore. Some reports state that it’s a game where you can play on the computer that leads you to stuff in the real world while on the site itself, Rolling says you can buy audio books and the for the first time, E-books of the titles themselves.

Twitter, on the website, has announced that Old Twitter will be gone “very, very, very soon” which means, if you still use old twitter, get ready to say bye-bye.

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