The News blurbs + Update on show

Sorry for the lack of post, I’ve been working on the next Episode of the podcast and I needed that time for that. I’m still working on that with only a few big things that need to be done, so expect it soon. With that said and done, I want to try out a new blog post on you guys.

Here on the DSR blog, we try to do stuff that we can’t put out on the podcast such as news that happens AFTER the airing and some how-tos, web sites, original stuff that we think of, again, AFTER the airing or just couldn’t make the cut. While that’s all good and all, some of the stuff is short or we (manly me) just don’t feel like typing a full story. This is where the news blurbs come in. I’m going to try to post every Friday small news stuff that happens. No, this won’t take the place of Weekend Awesomesause but I’m sure there are a few of you that like seeing some news. So look out for Friday’s News Blurbs coming up.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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