Comic Review: Menage a 3

Searching the internets yesterday night, I stumbled on to a web-comic (yes kids, there are comics on the internet) that I could not stop reading. Really, I went to bed around 2am, woke up the next day and finished reading it. I like it that much. And honestly I can’t wait for the next strip. But you are here to read my review on said comic of goodness. Did I mention that I ❤ this comic?

The Story is this: Gary is a 29-year old comic book geek and artist who still has his V-card. He comes back to his apartment after work to see his two roommates getting it on the couch. Yes, his roommates are two dudes and yes they are gay. Well, one of them is, the other one is Bi. Anyway, they decide to move out and live together but not before putting out an ad for Gary for two new roommates (they even put in the requirements that the applicants must have a cute butt). and in that same day he get’s two new roomies. The First is Zii, a puck rock chick who at first when you meet her she seems like every geek guys (or girls, I don’t judge) dream girl: into puck rock,in/was a band, into comics, pretty (and has a cute butt as she pointed out) but the more you read, the more you find out that she’s comic version of Quagmire from Family Guy. The next roommate is DiDi who’s beauty, strength and huge breast makes everybody’s head turn but she has no clue to that at all…at least I think she doesn’t. Anyway, the comic strips follow their lives as they live, love, and make some random (mostly Gary and to and extent everyone’s Tee-shirt) geek and rock related reference’s.

I don’t think I see this much T&A in a comic. Hell, the scene where Gary meets DiDi for the first time consist of the panels just having her boobs and lips in the frame. There is also a lot of sex with the bottom areas aren’t shown. Also, I don’t think I seen so many Yoai related stuff in the comic itself (even if the scene with Gary’s roommates getting it on was a dead given that there was going to be a lot of gay sex going on as well).

The stories in the strips are nice with they whole american pie movie feel going on for it without going completely sex crazy. And each chapter has it’s own little sub-plots in it that in the end they all fit together nicely. An example would be that one of Gary’s ex-room mate, Dillon, moves back in for a while because the other room mate, Matt, cheats on him with another woman who later goes on to date Gary as Zii is acting as his “wing-girl” to help him get laid even though Zii slept with this girl twice. This all happens with in 4 chapters. Each chapter also is about 10 to 15 strips in but as you keep reading, you won’t notice the change in chapters till you look.

Art style is a mix between the Archie comics and manga with everyone having a great range of emotions and the artist, Giz, know’s how to draw bodies. Mad props to her. The number of characters introduced in the story is pretty rounded and hopefully there will be more as it goes on.  There are a few downsides to some stuff in the comic though. One of them is Gary. His life  luck truly sucks…like badly. I’ll leave it to you guys to read but yeah…I still want to live his life mind you but I might not like it. Also, I won’t spoil some more of the others that show up in Gary’s life…well, I’ll give you hint. One of the women in his life has a fear of a man’s carrot and two peas and sees them as tentacle monsters to which she tries to “kill” it.

Please note, this comic isn’t for everyone and NSFW but if you can get pass that, you will enjoy it as much as me. I also search around the site and you buy print copies of the comic that not only complies them in volumes but also come with extra side stories  (if you reading this Giz or anyone else, I will be buying when I get the cash). If you haven’t already guess it, go check it out. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to worry about money, just time.

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