HOW TO: Google voice some people

So, do you have friends that call you out of odd times of day just to talk about nonsense and what-not? You do? First off, I envy you and second I have a away around it. Now, if you just want to easily  turn off your phone to get rid of the problem then stop reading now. If you are still with me, I’m going to tell you about a service that you might not know of: Google Voice.

Way back about two years ago, Google started working on their own little Skype solution and Google Voice. At first, the service was an invite only thing (I got mine two months before it live) and now it’s free to all users with a gmail account. And When I mean free, I don’t mean you get some stuff and you pay for other stuff, I mean FREE. All calls you make to North America phones are free, you can text and call from your Gmail account (until the end of 2011, at least) AND pay small charges for calls to other countries. What’s really cool about it are the features that come with it such as having a brand new number with option to port your number over to Google Voice if you don’t want to have a different number, blocking numbers so it when someone calls it sounds like your phone was cut off and many more. But for this How to, we are going to use only three of these features: the number, blocking callers,AND the feature that allows you to have your phone ring only certain times of the day.

STEP ONE: Get a Google Voice number

If you haven’t already got a Gvoice number by now, go do it. It’s simple enough. You want to click on the option that ask you to make a new number because without that, this evil plan won’t work.After that, it’s step two.

STEP TWO: Tell your Friends/Family about the new number

I’ll leave that to you to figure out how to that. Take to Facebook, email, whatever. Also while you are at it, add the numbers you got to them into groups. Google Voice allows you to make up groups for people’s numbers. They already pre-made ones for Friends, Family,Co-Workers but if have some people that keep calling you for no reason (and can’t get the hint), you can give them their own group.

After it’s all done, it’s time to get dirty and evil.

STEP 3: Block them and Time them

Blocking a person is easy. Really easy. All you have to do is have the person call you. You don’t answer it and when Google Voice number show’s the call, click the more option and click “Block Caller”. Simple. But if you want to make sure your phone doesn’t ring at all during, I don’t know, sleep, you can do that in a very simple way.

Click on the gear icon at the top-right corner and go to Voice Settings. Click on the “Calls” tab and click “Enable do Not Disturb” click it for how long you want it and you won’t get a thing sent to your phone. Another way of doing this have certain phone ring for certain people if you add your home phone or another phone to Google voice.

And that’s about it. Remember, Google Voice is a free service and if you have smart phone, you can add the app (I phone Users, you have to use the web browser on your phone for it)

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