E3’s Winners and Losers

As promise toward the beginning of this week, after watching and reading coverage of E3, i finally made my feel on who “won” and who “lost” this years Electronic Entertainment Expo. I spent a day to myself thinking of who truly went home with the gold this year and oddly enough it didn’t take me long to do. Please note two things because I rather not have rocks thrown at me or death threats toward me:

1. WHO EVER I THINK HAS WON DOES NOT MEAN I AM A FAN BOY OF THAT COMPANY. I am one of those gamers that doesn’t have a favorite. If a game is good on any system, I like it.

2. THIS IS WHAT I THINK.  you can check many other sites out there and they will have something different. All because I didn’t pick your favorite, doesn’t mean I hate it. Hell, you think I’m wrong, sound off in the comments.

With both points said, here is the list.


Let’s get one of elephants out of the room first because everyone was wondering what the house that Mario lives in was putting out after reports of Project Cafe was first outed months before (gotta love that internet). So, of course (as promised) they showed off their new hot thing in the form of The Wii U. Not much was known about the thing except from the controller that has a 6 in. touch Standard Def touch screen. And that was it. As Satoru Iwata stated during their Press Conference “Even though we answered some questions, I am sure you are now with many other ones as well” (paraphrasing) which his true because I’M CONFUSE AS MOTHERFU@KER! I had to get more info about the thing (it’s an actual thing btw) from other websites such as it has 8gb flash internal HDD and that it runs 1080p graphics along with other things too much to cover here and I won’t. Also worth talking about was that they do care for the 3DS and reconized that the 3DS is out but they didn’t forget too much that the Wii and Original DS software is out there as well. Nintendo, when they do these types of conferences, know how to leave people guessing what the new system or service they are going to release until it’s finally released/someone gets the info out of them. This is good and all but STOP THAT. Tell use a little bit more for gaming sense for once. Also, thank you for remembering that you have ‘core gamers. It’s nice to be remembered. One more thing, STOP WITH THE STUPID NAMES! Wii U? Really? Really?

Nintendo: A-


Lesser of the Three because they didn’t have a new offering in terms of Hardware or have to worry about saying sorry to all of their people, Microsoft went ahead and showed off the Kinect. You remember that; the thing you bought that might or might not collecting dust. While the software might have went meh after it came out, ‘soft didn’t forget it by showing off things that used the Kinect…which was just about everything. Mass Effect 3? Yep. Ghost Recon? Yesh! Fable? Kinda. Some where hits (Mass Effect 3 was pretty cool and Ghost was alright for a while) and misses (Fable: The Journey and such a let down that is Star Wars: Kinect). The whole Press event was that Microsoft didn’t forget about their ‘core audience either while at that same time still knows it has a casual crowd as well with games like Sesame Street’s Once upon a monster and Kinect Sports Season 2 coming out along with the blood and guts of Gears 3. But they were sure Kinect heavy which I guess I can understand but there wasn’t that much of a balance like the others. Sure you have new hardware (or in their case new-old hardware) but don’t forget the other stuff that came before it.



First I would like to say that neither Nintendo and Microsoft made any jokes or cracks about Sony’s hacking problems as of late. For that, they get a gold star because it’s like making a really stupid joke at a funeral: you don’t do it. That said, the other elephant was just that, the hacking of Sony and Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton opened up with a heartfelt apology to investors, partners and most importantly, the gamers. That lasted for about a good 4 to 5 minutes going back to talk about their new thing, The playstation Vita (again with the names. I want food now). Going after the 3DS and the Ipad, Sony started off the show on a roll by going back to the basics: making gamers happy. Their releasing a TV that’s 3D ready for a nice price, they have some games that people are looking forward to (Resistance 3, Uncharted 3, Sly 4) and the Vita, while having a really odd name, has some good things going for it that ignite the rival blood of Nintendo and Sony that was YEARS ago. Bravo, Sony, bravo.


So truthfully, no one really lost. I guess if you want to place a winner label on someone it would be Sony while Microsoft falls flat a little. I would like to say that I am glad that shooters are starting to die a little (the only big ones showed off was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3) with a mix of games for once (RPG’s, Fighters, Sports,Racing). Don’t get me wrong, I like shooters but I want more different stuff. Kudos to Insomniac Games with what their first multi-platform game (they have made games for only Sony till now) with Overstrike. If the trailer was any indication (and the fact that they made some really cool games in the past) this should be a keeper.

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