E3: We ain’t got none: What DSR is going to do for the Game Show

Long time, no post. I know–I had internet problems. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you about E3 and what D Saint Radio will be doing for it. We, as a team (and when I mean we, I mean me and one person like the post on Facebook), decided not to do balls-to-the-wall coverage of E3. Trust me, we would, but we are really not a gaming blog, just another run of the mill Geek blog that gives you stuff you don’t know. That isn’t to say that we are just going to sit on our thumbs for the entire week of Gamer Christmas. No, I will be watching it (I hope to go to L.A. next time when I’m not flat broke) like the rest of you and by the end of it the week I will give my take on the “Winners” and “losers” of the show. I will also be tweeting some stuff along the way so keep an eye on my twitter (akumaknight). The Podcast will have some say about the show as well when it’s up as well.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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