Hollywood’s Akira Director leaves!


I think this is the best saddest news I written on this site and I know that sound mean in a way, if you knew what was happening, you would be happy too. After story changes (characters are American star actors in their thirties and the setting from Neo-Tokyo to New Manhattan) and one of the stars said to be in it, Keanu “WHOA!”  Reeves refusing it, Sankaku Complex reports that the director for the film, Albert Hughes, has quit with sources stating it was “amicable creative differences” that cause him to leave the project. Not oddly enough, this movie has been getting bad press from the get go (Star Trek star Gorge Takei even said it and having a petition going around the net) and the fact that it’s going to be ANOTHER movie from an anime doesn’t bode well with anyone (need I remind you of Dragon Ball Evolution?). But this won’t stop Warner Bros. as they said they will continue on with the project.  I know what I’m not watching…

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