DSR Music Preview: City and Colour’s Fragile Bird

Okay, so I know me and Shadow’s taste in music isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but every now and then we get a listener that does like one song from the playlist and I get a tweet or email about the songs in question. The problem that most people tell me also about the show is that I don’t give you guys a heads up or preview of the episode’s song list. I figure I do this but with a catch. Everytime a new episode is about to premiere (the next one will be up after Memorial Day, Promise) I will preview/tell you about a song that will be in the show along with a little artist info and music video.

Fragile Bird by City and Colour

As the title says, one of the songs on the show will be this little number from Canadian musician Dallas Green who goes by the stage name City and Colour. He’s actually one of the singers from the band Alexisonfire, who I have played a lot on the show if you notice (or actually listen to the music on here). His solo effort is, for lack of better term, softer than Alexisonfire’s rage and screamo outings with his first LP, Sometimes, was just him and his guitar. The CD was a a hit in Canada and it earned him the Juno Award(Canada’s Grammys) for Alternative Album Of The Year in 2007. his second album, Bring me your love, not only saw a release here in the states but also a somewhat new sound to his music again with the addition to new instruments and appearance of The Tragically Hip’s Gordon Downie on the second single from the CD titled Sleeping Sickness. Bring me your love did so well that Vargrant, the CD label that has him and Alexisonfire, released his first LP in 2009 in the United States. Now, City and colour is gearing up to release the 3rd album,  Little Hell, and if it’s any indecation of the first single, which you will hear, it’s another new sound that I am looking forward to. So, with out anything else to say, here is the video for the first single from Little Hell, Fragile Bird.

Little Hell is set to be released June 7th from Dine Alone in Canada and Vagrant in the United States.

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