DSRadar — List Geeks

I like making list–it’s part of a reason why I made that segment in the last episode of DSR where I had a list of video games I wish they make a sequel–so when I heard about ListGeeks, I had to check it out.  Honestly, that’s really what you do; you make list on anything and it’s pretty cool how it’s done as well. Once signed up, you pick the color of your list (every member gets to pick a single color for all list) you type up a list of stuff like “Movies you can watch again and again and again” and you’ll see that others made the same.

My Profile. You can follow me and check out my list akumaknight

When you type it up, you’ll see the list of first person who came up with the same list, see what other people in their list and the average thing that’s in the list for example the average movie people put in their list is Fight Club as a movie that pretty much everyone has on their list. You can comment on other list and follow people who list you like to see more of. And yes, you can share your list on Facebook and Twitter for your friends to see as well. As with the case of this blog post series, ListGeeks is in beta but from what’s on here, it’s pretty cool.


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