Weekend AwesomeSauce: Fancy a web card?

[NOTE: I know the title of the series is Weekend AwesomeSauce and this post came out on a Monday. Don’t worry, I’m not crazy, I just had some laptop problems and I didn’t feel like changing the title – MK]


Business Cards; most of use use them as a means to show people what we do and how to contact us others use them as paper d#cks to show how “big” they are. But not a lot of us work in spots where we really need one and/or want to waste resources on getting them only for them to be more than likely thrown away. Well, that can change thanks to two very good websites that do make business cards for the web. Think of them as social media web cards.


On the sites that I found from another twitter account’s bio. It lead me there and then I checked out the about for it which states:

We created about.me for ourselves.

At least they are honest about it. Anyway, about.me — once you make up your account — helps you create your personal splash page where you can lead others to with a small url you put in bios for sites.  You can also connect websites you frequent for people that look on your page such as  Facebook, Twitter, Last.Fm and Flickr each with their own little button that visitors can click and see each of their feeds. The background of your splash can be one of the pre-made ones or you can make up your own.  I’ve seen some that used a personal picture of the user or people that are artist drew their own and they even have different fonts to use for the page as well.

About. Me

What sets it at a nice bar is the statistics page when you log back into the site. The page lets you know how many people click on the link to get there,how many views and how many people linked to the page. Also, they worked with a Business card company and when you sign up you can get a stack of cards that lead to your profile with the same look of your splash page for free, just pay shipping.


Where about.me is all about the splash page, Flavors.me is like the younger sister/brother you have — wants to be on the bleeding edge of stuff and can do something better. Flavors.me is just like about me: once signed up you can make up a bio, customize the background and lead people to other sites. What it does different than about is what you connect. You can connect EVERYTHING that is on the web and when I mean everything I mean

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • FourSquare
  • Youtube
  • Netflix
  • Band Camp
  • Tumblr
  • Blogger
  • WordPress
And that’s just half of the sh#t that you can connect. You can also pick out a layout for your site so not one page will look the same. There is a catch. You can only link 4 services, there are only the basic layouts and you only get a few fonts you can use. If you want all the things you can use, including your own domain name (so you could have something like maxwellknight.me) it will cost you $20 per year. You also get added to their directory, real time stats and a contact form that allows you to add contact info but I’m pretty sure you can make due with what you have.

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