PSP Remaster Series announced

There are a lot of that have a PS3 but not a PSP. While there are many valid reasons why you don’t have one, there were a lot of good games on the portable device and more than likely you missed out on them. Well, don’t worry about that anymore as writes that Sony is annoucing their “PSP Remaster” series for the PS3. It sounds just as that, PSP titles making over to the PS3 as ports with their first game from the line being Monster Hunter 3rd Portable HD. But if you are worried that these are just ports with a new controller, Sony has put all fears aside with the stuff  you get. Not only are the games going to be refitted with a new controller set up made for use on the PS3, most games will be played in 3D and ad-hac multiplayer. More than likely trophies will also make it over to there but what’s really cool is the ability to swap save files with your PS3 and PSP if you have the same game. Right now, Monster Hunter 3rd Portable is the only game announced to be released in Japan only  and there is no North America but I really don’t see Sony NOT bringing it stateside.

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