How To: Survive Facebook (Part two)

Okay, remember the last post where I taught you how to get use to Facebook without going to Facebook? I was there, you was there. Good times, Good Times…

But there are those few people that still want to go on the site because they can’t handle that much of a change and really, I think that’s most of the people on my friends list (Love you). I’m here to tell you that it’s alright. You don’t have to use another program to use Facebook because you can change the set up of the social networking site and it’s really, really easy.

How to Better the Website

First and foremost, If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer if you are windows user: FOR THE LOVE THAT IS ALL GRAVY AND GOOD STOP USING THAT PIECE OF SH@#! Seriously, you are more likely to end up with viruses and spyware because of the holes of security. It’s not a bad browser but when it comes to your Internet safety, I care and DSR Cares. Might I suggest using Firefox,Google Chrome, Or Opera for some alternatives. Anyway, the best way to unlocking some of the awesome sauce of  of most of your favorite websites is using user scripts. Scripts are what what make a website a website and users, like me and you, can make up our own to do stuff that you can’t do on said website. As much as you want to go through all through Google to fine one, the best place to check is userscripts. Firefox users have to install the add on Grease Monkey while Chrome Users can just install it like a regular add-on without any other add-on. But today, this post is only going to touch on one add-on: Better Facebook.

Better Facebook was made by Matt Kruse which was first made as a GreaseMonkey Script out of the fact that he couldn’t do much on the site like get rid of post that he already read and couldn’t read the new stuff. With that he made Better Facebook (which he ask only for donations if you can give) which does what the title says. Once Installed, the BFB wizard goes over most of the options that you can use such as hiding all of the feed as just read so when you come back, all you see is new stuff like email. Another feature that I’s pretty sure people will get some use out of is separating apps in to other tabs so all you get is the status updates. Other stuff include getting rid of the new Picture viewer, hover over over pictures to see them, and themes.

Everything that’s turn on can be turn off so if something is slowing up things on there, you can just as easy turn it off from the BFB options. Also, it’s on the browsers that I had listed above.

And there you have it, everything you need to Better Facebook and some resources for some other websites. You are Welcome.

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