How To: Survive Facebook (Part One)

So last night, I’ve notice a few people on the interwebs were complaining (again) about Facebook. Some of the top ones were about

— The Reason why Facebook because a shoe store (I miss that memo too…)

— The Spam post that have been going around that happen to grab a groundswell again when OBL died.

While I can’t go to Facebook HQ and kick the Zuck in the balls for not doing what we want, I can offer a few services and tricks to help you Survive Facebook for the time being (or until you delete your page).

Be on Facebook, without being on Facebook

Here me out on this one: You can be on Facebook without being on the site itself. Crazy right? Joking aside, there are a slew of FREE programs you can download for any OS you may have. Well, some of them. It’s all thanks to the Facebook API that’s out there for anyone to make apps or websites that can work with social networking site.


This program has been out since the later half of 2007. It’s a chat client that allows you to use Windows Live, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger. But it’s bread and butter comes from the fact that you can link your email of choice AND link social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  Once Linked, you can check out the feeds from your desktop, like statuses and even comment on them. You can also talk to all your Facebook friends using the chat client. All the Facebook but with out the annoying pictures. So far, they only have it for Mac OS and Windows. Linix folks (like me) have to wait. Then again, you won’t need it if you have the next and last item.


Before you complain and whine that it says TWEETdeck, listen first. Back in 2009 in an update, the developers added the ability to see your Facebook Feed and Update on Facebook. Since then, the updates for Tweet Deck have come a long away and allow even more stuff that you would wonder how you lived without it. Seriously, it’s the shit. You don’t even need a twitter account to use it. And pictures can be looked at from the time line and on Tweet deck itself. It’s on pretty much all platforms such as Windows, Mac and Linix through Adobe Air (which you have to download separately) OR if you want to bypass that route, if you use Google Chrome, you can download it from their Web Store and use it from the browser itself. Also, if you have a smart phone, you can take it with you on the go.

But I’m not done FOR THIS IS ONLY PART ONE. Part Two will handle how use Facebook website and some user scripts that will help you if you don’t feel like leaving the Blue and White walls of the book of Faces….

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