Fox Drops the Cancel AX on FIVE SHOWS

Well, it was fun while it was lasted (even if I just watched one of the shows). Either way, this happen late last night and more than likely you will hear it from someone else but I’m going to say this anyway:

Fox axed a total of FIVE tv shows. These shows include The Chicago Code, Breaking In, Traffic Light, Human Target, and the always on the cancel bubble, Lie to me reports and’s Michael Ausiello.

As IGN points out, it really comes to no surprise that so many shows got the ax on the count of low viewers AND the incoming of shows for the summer such as the (you won’t here shit here about it) X Factor and (you really really won’t hear shit about it here as well) American Idol as well as a show from Star Trek director, J.J Abrams called Alcatraz. Oddly enough, the show that was really being worried about, Fringe, got a early renew. Anyway, were you a fan for one of these shows? I happen to get into Human Target but fell out after a while and I was starting to like Breaking In but I guess I won’t have much to watch now.

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