PIMP YOUR: Blogging

Okay, you guys have been reading this blog or seen other blogs out there and you’re thinking “I wish I could do that” or “I can do better than DSR!” First off, you are right and second, you can. All it takes is the guts , a little time, and a good website. If you got the first two, sweet, we are half way there. Now all you need is the blog; but where? There are tons of blogging sites out there but there a few that are out there that you wouldn’t think to tap into. I’m pretty sure you guys know about blogger or where this blog is hosted, word press but these three bring something else to the table.


If you roam around the land of twitter, more than likely you seen a tumblr spot for someone out there. I have one of these and I can tell you it’s one of the more  straight forward sites out there. Truthfully, if twitter was a blogging platform, it would be tumblr. Although it is tote as a Microbloging site ( small post) you can still post some lengthly stuff on there. The straightforwardness of the site shows when you log in to the site as everything that you want to do like upload a photo to doing a simple post all by click the corresponding link on the dashboard. And just like twitter, you can follow other blogs to see in the dash and reblog post on your on blog that you want your followers to see. Be forewarn, the site is still some what new so it can go down…a lot. But other than that, It’s a really good site to show off art or pictures.



 I also have a Posterous, and that was out of boredom. But it’s more of a blogging site than Tumblr. It’s simple in use for anyone afraid of using blogs, like Tumblr, but it has all the tools of wordpress for anyone that doesn’t want their hand hold the whole time. You can have your own personal blog OR have a group of people you know blog with you and post stuff on there. What’s really cool is that with the group feature, you can add others just by email so no has to get an account, they just email the post.


So, there you have it; two blogs that you can use to get your voice out there. Don’t say I didn’t help you and if you get famous, say something in a post.

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