Ubuntu 11.04 is Released!

HAPPY NEWS DAY ALL! Well, kinda. I wanted to do one different story before I do a PSN OMFG story. We can’t have depressing and sometimes useless news all the time. It’s just not right. But yes, on to this post. As read, Ubuntu finally released it’s 11.04 upgrade known as Natty Narwal bring in a lot of brand new changes such as the Unity 3D interface. I bring this up because last episode of DSR, Shadow went over Ubuntu as a whole back when it was 10.10. Now, I could go in deep of what is new and what you should know if you want to take the plunge (FYI: IT’S FREE AND YOU YOU CAN RUN IT ALONG WITH WINDOWS!!!) but I rather point you in a direction that will do a lot better than me.

OMG!Ubuntu is a website that pretty much is the go to site (other than the Ubuntu website itself) to learn all things Ubuntu. From tips on how to install programs easy and pain free to letting you know when the next release will be here, they got you covered. I’ve been going to the site since the jump to the FREE OS and it’s been a life saver. If you want to learn more about, head on to the link below.


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