UPDATE: Sony Sued for PSN Breach

If you checked out the blog,or any other site for that matter, you know that Sony announced that because of the PSN being hacked and Sony shutting down the service since last week Wednesday, they updated their blog to say that information such as Credit Card, Username, Password answers for questions were leaked out. Ever since then, Sony has been coming under fire and the shit really hit the fan today as Sony is being sued for the the whole thing in a Class Action Lawsuit. According to IGN.com, The lawsuit was filed by the Rothken Law Firm today in a California court and alleges Sony

failed to take reasonable care to protect, encrypt, and secure the private and sensitive data.

One of the attorney’s that filed the suit, Ira P. Rothken, had this to say as well

We brought this lawsuit on behalf of consumers to learn the full extent of Sony PlayStation Network data security practices and the data loss and to seek a remedy for consumers. We are hopeful that Sony will take this opportunity to learn from the network vulnerabilities, provide a remedy to consumers who entrusted their sensitive data to Sony, and lead the way in data security best practices going forward

You can check out more of the story here.

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