Movie Review: Super

Needless to say that I was looking forward to this movie when I saw the trailer for it on Attack of the Show. A man serving justice by hitting bad people with a wrench? Sign me fucking up. So naturally when it showed up on my cable’s On Demand service, I knew I had to watch it. Now, this being my first movie review in blog form, I will try to not spoil most of the movie. I WILL TRY. But anyway, on to the review.

Super is about a man name Frank (played by Rainn Wilson) who, and I feel sorry for him because of it, has only had two good memories that he had in his lifetime: Marrying his wife (played by Liv Tyler) and telling a cop the direction of where a robber was heading. Other than that, his life pretty much sucks. It doesn’t get any better when after a man name Jacques (played by Kevin Bacon), a local drug lord, enters the picture, Frank’s Wife leaves him and he’s hurting bad. After praying to God and having the most fucked up dream I’ve seen (I’m pretty sure when your dream involves a Japanese Tentacle monster cutting open your head and the hand of the Lord touching your head with his finger, there’s a problem) he gets the idea to become a hero to right the wrongs and get his wife back as The Crimson Bolt.

That’s pretty much the movie. You see how this man becomes a super hero so he can save his wife who he’s convince that his wife was stolen (which I guess you can say). In a way, you can this movie is like the anti-Kick Ass movie. It’s not based off of a comic book but movie wise if you seen Kick Ass, it would be the same. I got that feeling watching it after the first few moments but after a while, I start seeing the difference.

Directed by James Gunn (who made Slither. Remember that one!) who more or less hits the mark with most of the stuff that happens. The movie is in the “Dark Comedy” so I will say that a lot of the stuff that happens will not be for everyone. Me on the other hand, with my sick sense of humor, was pleased with it. It was smart to let this movie hit the indie market as it wouldn’t make it well on the mainstream market. Also I would like to note that the movie was filmed and premiered in 2010 but it’s just now releasing. Kick ass did the same.

While the film does star the other three people I mention above —Whilson, Tyler, Bacon — another one that really threw me for a loop was indie darling because of Juno, Ellen Page. First off, if you are worried that she is going to play this wise cracking young female, don’t. She plays a comic book worker who more or less gives Frank the idea to become a superhero. She is the most neurotic weird-o with a very strange laugh and I mean that in a good way. Also, spoiler, she rapes someone. Yeah, that happens. Nathan Fillion is also in the film as he plays another “super hero” on a cable access church show. I thought that guy couldn’t be any funnier.

There’s a lot of good music in the movie and sound effects sound spot on. I mean, you can close your eyes and still cringe after hearing “The Crimson Bolt” beat someone with a plumbers wrench. Same goes for SFX which is still off putting. Regardless of  the fact that it looks like it hurts, Frank has an odd imagination (like the vision he had) and seeing evil people as Demons and his wife as this perfect being with a glowing body. Crazy stuff.

If you seen Kick Ass and you loved it, don’t check out the movie but if you are looking for a very out there movie, check out Super. It’s…uh….great. If we make a scale, It will be a CHECK IT OUT OR PASS. It’s a CHECK IT OUT if you haven’t figure it out.

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