Hands On: Pokemon Global Link

Alright as you may have seen Monday, the Pokemon Global Link is now up an running as of midnight. I should know because I tried it out. I figure I go ahead and tell anyone who hasn’t gotten to it yet what goes on.

First off, for people that do not know what the Pokemon Global Link (which I will refer to as PGL): The PGL is where the C-Gear item really shines. It allows you to Sync your game with the website to do all sorts of stuff like enter your rank in a Global ranking system. The main draw is the Pokemon Dream World where you can grow berries, grab items and get Pokemon you can’t get in your game. This hands on will go through some of the stuff that you can do and don’t worry, it’s short because I haven’t did that much yet.



If you haven’t already, go sign up for a Pokemon.com account because the PGL site links those two accounts. Also, make sure to have your DS with the game (Black or White or both). Once that computer stuff is done, turn on your DS with the game in it and when it ask you to turn on your C-Gear, say yes. Once there, click the Online part on the C-Gear and follow the prompts. it takes about a few minutes but the game will tell you your  Game Registration code. Type that in to the game that you have and you are set. All your info (such as your Trainer name, Pal Pad people who also are on the site and badges you earned so far in the game) will show up on your profile.


Alright, the Dream world is where you send your Pokemon of choice that’s in your storing boxes. Once you pick the Pokemon from the game and they are asleep, you can enter in the dream (BLARH noise not included). In the dream world, you have a little spot to call home where you can grow berries and customize said home. About Berries, they are the money of this World. You can buy stuff for inside of your house such as a bed, lamps, stuff like that.   It’s also your hub for the next big thing about the Dream World: catching Pokemon.


Getting Pokemon in the dream world is both fun and easy. When you head into the dream forest you go roam around the forest. Each spot you go to takes one step (up to 10 max) before it’s over. While you roam, if a tree or bush is moving you click it and a Pokemon pops out. You can choose to play with this Pokemon or keep looking around. If you choose to play with, you will play a mini-game.

The goal of these mini-games is to make that Pokemon happy and you do that by winning. I’ve only played 2 of them so far: one where you scoop Ice Cream (harder than it sounds) and one that’s like Pong. Once you make the Pokemon happy and you get to the end of the forest, you can give one berry to the Tree to have that Pokemon show up in the Etralink Forest where you can catch it. Because they are happy with you, all you need to do is toss out the pokeball and you got it. No fighting required.


The Last part is the Battle Union. These is where you take part in ranked battles with others around the world. Once you win (or lose) you will be given a rank. You pretty much try to be your best here, so bring your A game.


But it’s not all Game play for the site. You can customize your game itself. They are small changes but I thought I should bring them up. You can download backgrounds for both your Pokedex and C-Gear. There is only one background for the Pokedex so far but I think there will be more. You can also download a new musical. All of this stuff  gets downloaded back after you wake up your Pokemon from their dream.


All and All, if you are getting a little bored of the game at the moment, check it out. If any thing  new  happens on the site, I’ll let you know.

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