Pimp your computer: Minimalist your Facebook with Minimalist For Facebook

Sometimes, when we get on Facebook we just want to see the feed but for some reason it’s auto set to Top Stories. Like I give a flying toe that Jim Bob has uploaded a picture and everybody and their mom commented on it. It’s might be from the lack of Friend activity I have on my Facebook but you may have a different reason. Anyway, I was thumbing through Lifehacker when a Chrome Extension they were talking about caught my eye and in DSR fashion, I’m sharing it with you. The Extension is question (if you don’t read titles) is Minimalist for Facebook. Now, some may not know that the person who made this,  Ansel Santosa,  made other Minimalist For stuff for Gmail, Google Reader and Google Calender. That out of the way, this thing works!

The Option Page

Once downloaded, you can customize it to your hearts content. Don’t want to see the message button? Poof — It’s gone. Don’t want those annoying ads (even though you should already have AD Block Plus on Chrome already)? That’s gone too. You can also tweak it so that it starts on Most Recent when you see the Feed and it allows you to edit the CSS so if you see something or want something on there that isn’t, if you know CSS, you can.. There are some other neat stuff like changing the color of the Top bar (the one that says Facebook) and the color of the background, photo zoom on pictures with out clicking on them and many, many more. If you don’t see anything that should be in there, you can send that person an email because it’s still in beta and only you can make shit better. Got it.

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