How To: Find New Music

It was brought to my attention that I’ve been on a video game crazy train when DSR is clearly not a video game blog. We are a non-mainstream of thinking blog that helps and educates you with computers, the internets, and give you news along the way for good measure. That’s why I want to fix that (seeing how it’s my fault) by introducing a new blog series called How To. Like the title says, Me or anyone else in our staff will give you a small how to guide to get the most out of stuff and it just so happens that I like music that no one else knows about. With this first post of How To, I’m going to show you how I do it with these 3 very good sites.


Hype Machine is THE music blog of music blogs. Think of it as a music blog phone book, if you will, where you can find some tracks that you may not heard of. Once you sign in (which is free, like most of the sites I tell you about) you will have a number of ways of finding songs from the Latest post to what people are listening to while they are on twitter via the #nowplaying tag.

The Sweet thing about the site is that you can listen to them while still on the site through their built in media player. And for the person that wants to buy the tracks they are listening to, Hype Machine provides links to Amazon or you music buy shop of choice.


As they say, Last.FM is a “music recommendation service” and it just that with a little extra. Once you get an account, you listen to music stations that are based on a song  or artist. But was really sets it apart is their scobbing service.

Once you have the software from their site or app installed, will tell your friends what you are listening to at that moment, cause you know, you want to show the world your music taste. Not only does it do that but Last.FM allows you to listen to even more new music based on your listening taste from scobbing. They also have a Chrome App that allows you to the stations that you make.


One of the best ways to finding new music, Pandora, like Hype Machine, has been around for a while and it is steady used by a lot of people. Pandora is simple to use: Enter a song or Artist you like and Pandora gives you a personalize station of Artist like that. You click the thumbs up or down to tell Pandora if they made a good choice or not.

You do see and hear ads with the free version and you are  limited to changing the song after three times but it can’t be beat. They even have an Iphone and Android app that allows you to take it with you on the go.

So, what do you use to find the hotest tunes before everyone else? Do you use any of these services? Leave them in the comments!


I forgot one! I so forgot one!


A new site that’s been around for 2-3 years, The Sixty One (typed Thesixyone) is, for a lack of saying something else for the site, is what an RPG and a Music site would look like if they made a baby, a love child if you will.  When you enter the sixtyone, you will be able to listen to a lot of artist that you do not know of. But what makes this different than the other sites I listed is the way the website works. The media player is the webpage itself and like I said, it’s like an RPG.

You level up your “rep” by doing quest. Such quest include you listening to a certain mood or listening to 7 new songs on the site. The more rep you have, the more features you have access to. You can even put your rep on the line to bring a song you like back to life on the charts so everyone can listen to it…again. Be warned, if it doesn’t make it back, you lose those points and might digress a level.

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