Call of Duty: Black Ops Review — Wii Verson

I know, I know. This game came out a while back and truthfully, what I have to say about this game won’t change your mind on getting this game. My only reason for this review is really what I try to do for this Blog/Podcast: Tell you the things you don’t know and even though there are plenty of people playing this game on the Wii (More on that Later), not many people know it made it on the Wii due to some lack luster advertising of it and lack of reviews for it (I think I found 3 of them at the most). 

Call of Duty: Black Ops is a war game first and formost a war game and with the cash cow that is it’s big brother by the name of Modern Warfare 2 (which didn’t make it on the Wii), Activison made a point to have it for all new-gen consols. I will say that it wasn’t Activisons first time with the Nintendo console with the COD series as they had the first Modern Warfare on the wii but that one sucks with so many problems that I will save for a rainy day. Anyway, for a game that was built with the PS3, Xbox360 and PC in mind, the Wii Version of it is actually pretty good. It’s not that it’s a great FPS for the Wii, for that honor can be said for a few others out there, but if you have been jonesn’ for Call of Duty and only have a Wii, like me, this will tide you over.


The single player campain, while not the bread and butter of this, is good. You play as James Mason who, spoiler alert, is being questioned by a man behind some glass and a stupid voice recorder. All of the questions and Answers in cut scenes all lead into the levels which are flashbacks, leading up to the point where he is being questioned. You might as well call the single player your introduction to Multi-player because it is short at about 4 to about 5 hours worth of game play. It’s not to say you won’t enjoy it, because there are some enjoyable moments like the break out of the Russian Prison and the voice talents for most of characters are some notable stars such as Sam Worthington, Ice Cube and Gary Oldman. All of the levels take place during the cold war and it some ways isn’t a direct sequel of Modern Warefare but a sequel to World at War which was develop by Trayarch who took the over the controls for Black Ops. But like I said, with the single player being short, I hope you have the Wi-Fi ( or the ethernet dongel) because the Muti-Player and Co-op is where it’s at.

Complete the Objective

For anyone that has played over their friends house to play MW 2 online, don’t worry, the Wii version isn’t any different than it’s brothers. Okay, maybe it’s a little different. First and foremost, there is no local multi-player. If you have family members that want to play with you, they are going to have to wait their turn. Also, some of the customization like facepaint for your war hero are gone and the maps have been cap sized to lessen the blow on the Wii with the graphics, like most, also being downgraded. But other than that….oh wait, that’s right, no Kill Cams. But other than that, there’s no difference. There is some Lag here and there but it’s not going to mess with you. It’s still the addicting mess that it is for the other ones. Like I said, most maps have been capsized for the Wii’s small RAM. Some noticeable are

No Glass on Windows
Some Maps are Smaller than it should be
No Kill Cams
Most levels look okay

To get over the fact that the Wii it self doesn’t have profiles on there, Trayarch had a profile system for the game itself. It’s not hard to give a friend request on there but if you have a Friend who also has the game, you are going to have to enter their Friend code for the game. Nintendo, stop the horror that is the friend code. We know that you want to protect the kids of the world but that’s why there are child blocks. Work on that please. Other than that, it’s pretty much the same. Also, it’s worth noting that it has voice chat but it doesn’t use the Wii Speak thingy but a new headset that you can get with the game or separately. Co-op, which is Zombie mode, only features one level which is different again because the wii and it is a fun distraction from kill other players. It’s just really hard (or I just suck that bad)  Nuff said again. The level is still fun. There is one thing. I’ve notice that there are spots in the menus that seems to hint that they will add on stuff. In the manuals as well says there is going to be a market place to buy stuff with Wii Points. As of right now, there isn’t anything on tap for the First Strike Map pack which is out already for the other ones (PC comes out March 25th for PC users!), I just wanted to throw that out there. And also, yes, you can use either the Wii Zapper OR the Classic Controler. Pro tip, if you are using the Classic Controller, get the pro version or what I like to call, what it should have been because it’s hard using a sniper rifle with the button layout.


It’s a call of Duty game people, the new shiznat. But really, if you haven’t played it because you only have a Wii and you are waiting for that new Zelda or what ever the wii has coming out this summer (E3!!!!) go check it out. If you are not into it, don’t worry about, it’s a game. We really should make a scale or something.

Good for a Wii Game
Not THE Best FPS for the wii but it gets there
Sound is Pretty Good
MPlayer is great

Graphics are eh
Some Lag
Friend Code, Friend Code, Friend Code
Somethings are missing

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