Pokemon White/Black Review

Alright, Full disclosure: The Last time I played a Pokemon video game that I actually played  was Pokemon Crystal. I still have the cart with Mew in it. That being said, I picked up White for two reasons: 1) was because I wanted to play it again (like I said Crystal was my Pokemon swan song of the decade) and 2) I was curious about the talk about it, how it was the first Pokemon game for DSi (and future 3DS) line from Nintendo. They Improve on some things while keeping most (or all on depending on your stand point) of the overall game play mechanics, keeping up with the Nintendo Mantra “If it ain’t 

Both games offer different Pokemon like always in the two games so in order to catch them all you also have to trade as well

broke, make some small changes so people won’t bitch about it.”
Like with other Pokemon titles, it starts with your young hero (or heroine) receiving their starter Pokemon — Fire-type Tepig; Grass Type Snivy; and Water Type Oshawott— as a gift from Professor Juniper with your two friends getting the other two. Your mission for the Prof, have an adventure and fill your Pokedex for her. But like always thing do not go as plan as you are thrown into stopping a group of people known as Team Plasma run by a young man name N. They want to free all Pokemon from the command of Humans by any means. Trust me when I say that you will run into them very, very often.

Gameplay wise, it’s pretty much the same with a few upgrades. If you already played a DS version of Pokemon, you know how it is but for people like me, there are a lot of things you need to know. First off, Time plays a factor on here as the land goes from day to night. to go along with that, Black and White have season changes as well. While they are not connected to the calendar year, the seasons do change every four months and with each season change come different Pokemon that only show up around that time. Game Freak is also added some Internet functions to the game as well with the use of a tool you receive called the Xtranciever and C-Gear. The Xtranciever allow you to video chat (with the DSi and 3DS, DS users can voice chat) with four of your friends. The C-Gear is the wireless hub you can access while out and about letting you get to battling with friends quickly, even if you are not in the same room or house. It also give you access to the Pokemon Dream world, where you can grab items that aren’t in the regular world. They also add two new battle types. Triple battles are pretty much three on three fights while Rotation battles rotate the three on the field each turn adding some new thinking in your hands in the mix.

Another thing they improve on was the graphics. City’s are full of people and Buildings are over towering. Bridges are huge and there are plenty of over passes to see cars zoom by. The Pokemon themselves are no longer static while in battle as they now move about while all attacks do some very cool animations.

But this isn’t all good things about it. There’s always a downside to everything right? The Only thing that is wrong is that like I said Gamefreak isn’t big on changing up the game play of it’s long running RPG. You still have to grab those little things, then level them up (SO MUCH GRINDING) to get pass most of the battles. If you are looking for some changes, don’t. It’s not a bad thing but a little change would help it one day.

All and All, Pokemon Black/White is a good game. If you are fan of the series (meaning you bought all of them including SoulSilver/HeartGold) you don’t have to think about it: Go buy it. If this is your first time playing it, go ahead because there is enough on here for both New and Old players to play as well.

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