News Announcement

No doubt you head about that quake in Japan that happen a few days ago. Well, here at DSR, while we aren’t really a world news site/podcast, we still would like to do something for the effort. There a few things that I will link to or give information about that technology and the web are doing in the wake of this horrible incident.

First thing I will link are for all the Otaku’s out there. A good twitter friend of mine complied a list of all the Seiyuu, Mangaka, and Utaite she could think of that she wanted to know that were okay. She stated that

…I’m gonna try to update this list as much as I can, so if you guys find out anything please comment on this entry with a name (or names).  While the amount of citizens is immeasurable, there are many who are also wondering how their favorite seiyuu/mangaka/artists are doing.

Here is the link to the blog post here and she would like that you send her a reply via twitter (@AzureKitsune) or comment on the post itself. She would also like for you to link to the page instead of Copy and Pasting it on another site.

Another Way you can help is with your cell phone. Just like the incident in Haiti, The Red Cross are using Cell phones as a way to donate funds for the cause. All you have to is text to the number 90999 and the word JAPAN to send a $10 donation.

All of DSR thoughts and wishes go out to anyone in Japan right now.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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