TeenNick is going to show Gen Y the 90’s

For the people that were born around the 90s, you remember “The Adventures of Pete and Pete?” or maybe “All That” ? Well now, we can remember them again as Teen Nick, the “teen” version of Nick, will have a block dedicated to those shows we use to watch as a kid. Called “The 90’s are All That”, the program block will consist of shows like Rugrats, The Adventures of Pete and Pete,The Amanda Show, All That, Kenan and Kel, and Clarissa explains it all. The Block will be on Teen Nick from midnight to2 AM. Oh, I feel like a kid already. No date has been set for this but as soon as I find out, I will let you know. Aw, Here it Goes!

[Via The A.V Club]

EDIT: Typo correction, thanks to AzureKitsune over on twitter for letting me know  ❤

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