Devil May Cry Movie is being made

Your Favorite wise-cracking Demon hunter will be making it to the big screen near you. No, I’m kidding, this is true. According to an article by Variety, Screen Gems (who also handled another Capcom Game Series, Resident Evil) are hoping to cash in to the new video game movie franchise with Devil May Cry. Kyle Ward has been hired to pen the script.

For those that don’t know what Devil May Cry is about the game’s story follows Dante, a half human half Demon man who hunts demons for a living and his business called Devil May Cry. There have been four games in the series and a new one that is being considered a Reboot of the Series is being developed by the game company Ninja Theory.

Screen Gems’ Resident Evil movie series, while not being completely connected to the Resident Evil video Game Series in terms of story, has been the Movie Studio’s Box Office Smash hit with over $580 million in worldwide grosses collectively.

So how do you feel about this? The Resident Evil Movies weren’t that bad and a Demon slayer movie would be cool to see but it’s another video game movie, which if you know, don’t always go well. That and people have been getting sick of adapts of comics, video games, and TV shows. Another question is who would be a good Dante? Leave it in the comments.

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