If you haven’t already Notice

Well, if you are reading this, you may notice the new look for the blog. If you are reading this and this is the first time you ever been here, this is all new to you already which isn’t a bad thing.

This new look is new to me as well so when ever I do new things on here or learn something new, I’ll tell you. This is what I do know and I want you to know as well what I’ve been up to.

News Stories are here!

The New look does come with a change in how I do things for the podcast and blog. I will try to update more and more often with news items and editorials from not only me but from the other members as well…at least when they’re not super busy…which is all the time. Anyway, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop doing DSR news on the blog but at least this will give you more of a reason to check out more of the blog.

Leaner, smaller, Sleeker

Gone are the long ass post that I know you won’t read on the first page. Each blog post will have excerpts of the post before you read them giving it a look of a news blog. Don’t worry, the long ass post are there but you won’t fear them unless you click it.

Now, enough about the blog, let’s talk Facebook and Twitter. We have those and Shadow runs both of them because I felt he was being lazy. Check them out, click on links for the Facebook Fan Page here and our Twitter Page here. Show your support and like us and follow us on those respected sites. No really, Shadow has been bitching that there are only bots following on twitter and more than likely say something about it on the show so you have been warned. Oh and while you are at it, follow me here

Also, with the blog before I forget, I am slowly but doing so, updating the DSR Staff and Host Page with staff info as I get them from the staff. Like I said, they have been busy with their lives and I am not one to rush people. I do have 3 out of 5 staff so that’s not bad. Make sure you listen to the show because I do plan on Shadow reading them on the show because like I said, he can be lazy. Episode is being made and it’s looking like it will be released for your listening pleasure this month. I’ll try to keep you posted.

Comment on the Post Yo.

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