Stern shows how’s it done —- Shock Jock does commentary for his movie

Considering that I wasn’t old enough to watch it when it first came out, I’m glad I waited to see Private Parts just for today. Reason being was Howard Stern was watching it as well and he did it with commentary from his Twitter account. From telling his followers that when shooting with AC/DC that they didn’t go all prema donna on the set and calling them “a class act” or that even though they couldn’t get the rights to his show, David Letterman did them a favor and did a scene with Howard. It was so much of a big deal that “Private Parts” was a trending topic on twitter and Howard is still re tweeting reactions of people who stayed glued to his timeline.

Now, you are thinking, “So what?” I’m here to say, what other celebrities did a running commentary for a movie that came on HBO on a random day with no  backing what so ever. He didn’t do it for the money, he did it for the fans and followers on twitter. If anything, he set a new standard of how stars interact with their followers on the social networking site instead of the “blah blah BS” you normally get.

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