And then there was Lex–Michael Rosenbaum Returns as Lex Luthor

Just when it seemed like it wasn’t going to happen, it did. Michael Rosenbaum as told that he will be back for Smallville‘s two hour series final which is set to air May 13 of this year. He told the website that

I’m delighted to return for the series finale,” continuing on to say that “I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who madeSmallville the great success it is. I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness, and even their threats. Ha ha.”

Executive producers Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson also go on to say that ““It feels like the stars are aligning, literally. We couldn’t be more excited. And as far as the way he returns… there’ll be no doubt about how Lex becomes the great rival in Clark Kent’s life. He is the villain of the story.”

For one that’s been watching the show from day one, I’m glad to say that it’s about damn time. They left the show open for him to come back in with the clone thing going on and after the recent episode “Beacon ” who know’s how that will play out. For more on the story, click the link.


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