My feelings on: You and Twitter

Yes! Maxwell let me use the blog for a post that I have been thinking about doing for a while now. But before I begin, my name is Akuma Shadow and I am the co-creator and host of DSR also known as D Saint Radio. This is a blog segment I would like to call My feelings on [insert what ever here]. In these post, I rant about anyone and anything but the difference between other people rant on the internet is that I (keyword coming in) THINK before I speak. So when I say that I had this on my mind, I really did have this on my mind. I was the just waiting for the right moment to speak on this. What am I speaking about you ask?

Well for the last few months or so, me and Max both notice a lot of people from our Facebook getting twitter accounts. Don’t get me wrong here, I don’t mind them having twitter accounts and I’m happy that they started to use the social media website. What I do mind, and I’m sorry for say this to anyone who is offended by me, is the fact that they don’t use twitter to it’s full potential and yes before you ask, twitter  does have full potential in it’s use.

Now look, I’m not the all seeing “Twitter Guru” or know everything about the fucking site but there are some things that shouldn’t do when you start off on the site. And that is why I type this post, to let people know about this brand new world of the internet if you are wondering what this Twitter is…be fore warn though, I will offend the living shit out of people that do this. It’s how I roll.

1. Don’t lock your account

Look, I know it’s a smart thing to do, especially because you don’t know a soul on Twitter but you wouldn’t go to a party or a mixer and just shadow people you only know all through out the night, right (Trust me, that shit isn’t fun, I should know very,very,very well…)? The main thing to remember is that Twitter is a blog that you only get to put 140 characters in a post. The key word in that sentence is BLOG, meaning people are reading it, people you don’t know, and if you don’t let the internet read what you got to say, who the fuck cares about you? And don’t say your friends because that leads me to number 2….

2. Don’t expect your friends to join you

I’ve seen this a lot: A person joins twitter because of the hype but they get bored because nothing is happening. Said person tries, and fails, to get friends on twitter and by weeks end the page is more empty and hollow like Lindsay Lohan’s lady parts (allegedly). I have tried as well to get my personal friends to get on twitter and trust me, shit isn’t gonna happen.

You will end up like this poor soul

If you really are afraid to meet new people that have the same interest as you (instead of the friends that have maybe 50 to 70 percent of your interest) then you don’t need to be on twitter and stick with the social networking site you had before that.

3. Follow people you DON’T know

This really goes hand and hand with the other 2 things I said. As of this post, twitter has 190 million users on the site but if you follow a celebs (which I will get to after this) in hopes that they will talk to you, you, my friend, are fucking dumb ass. I’m not saying “Don’t follow celbs” or “Don’t reply or Re-Tweet their post” all I’m saying is that there are a lot of other people that you could get to know on the site. And who knows, you will be followed by others in return. If you are having trouble finding people to follow on twitter, use the search bar to find someone that likes something you like. Yes, that means using effort.

That and you don't want to make his ego bigger then it should be...

4.  Don’t always follow Celebrities

Again, I’m not saying don’t follow them but don’t make it a habit of just following Celebrities. Most of them don’t even tweet what they tweet, they have ghost writers or bots. If you really want to connect to just people but you want to see what your fav celeb is saying, make a twitter list with just Celebrities in them and check back every once in a while.

5. Get a twitter client or add on for twitter

Sometimes, the website will fail whale you faster then you can “Tiger Woods is hitting that hole…in one” and it pays to have something to use that has more features then the website. Most phones have that already but for others that use computers, it’s all about looking around. Tweetdeck is useful tool and there are  slew of other plug-ins for your web browser of choice (except IE, I don’t like it…). Next episode of DSR will cover that much so stay tune.

And Finally

6. Just tweet

Out of all the things that I did say, you don’t have to go by them because the main problem is that people just don’t tweet or they find that they have nothing to say that is important. Fuck that. Everyone has something to say, even if it’s just empty crap. Sure, you will be talking to yourself for a while but it shows that you are not another bot on the site. Keep tweeting and you will have some people, trust me.

That’s all I really have to say on the matter and hell, maybe someday you will tell me thank you when you get 200 something followers. Till then, “What R U listening to?”

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