Impressions: High School of the Dead

Alright, to keep me busy with stuff that deals with DSR and to keep this blog alive with stuff other than updates, I (or any other of our staff) will be doing impressions of Anime, TV shows, Websites, and Games. Now, don’t think of these as reviews as we do reviews on the show it self but if you are feeling like hearing some body else’s point of view on something, this is the place. You can also ask for our impressions on anything, but more on that later.

So, I had the pleasure of watching High School of the Dead, a new anime developed  by the people at Madhouse (love those guys)  and based from the Manga  of the same name by Daisuke Sato. The story is, if you haven’t guess it, Japan is overtaken by a Zombie Virus and it follows the events of Takashi and his group of follow classmates and the school nurse.

For full discretion I will say that I am a big fan of Zombie flicks for some reason—- I love em! So, when I heard about this from a friend of mine, I had to check it out. The first episode was very good. The characters, to me, seem believe able…at least believable in a Zombie Movie.

Don't call it a comeback...cause it's not...

The art is pretty good and voices are very well done. Also, if you are a fan of…er…fan service, there is a lot of that. A lot of bouncy, especially from the school nurse who just got the big end of the stick of life and has the really big ones. So far, it’s some what by the numbers and I like the fact that the group had issues BEFORE they got together, there is back story with everyone involved.

I don't think he's doing it right...

The Action is good and you will have some favorite parts  from each episode. Music is awesome with the opening theme kicking ass and their choice of having a different ending theme at the end of each episode (all done by Maon Kurosaki).

All in all, if you are into Zombies, people killing Zombies, and fan service, check out High School of the Dead. I liked it.

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