Welcome to the DSR Blog

Welcome to the D Saint Radio blog or DSR Blog for short. This is where you get all your information on the show itself, the host and staff, and other stuff that don’t make it to the blog like rants and news. As of right now, the blog is in a building stage and there really is nothing on here to look at but host info and and show info but in the coming days and weeks, it will be up and ready along with the 4th episode of D Saint Radio. The Person that types this, and any future post unless noted, is me, Maxwell Knight. Akuma Shadow and I are separate people through and through. He handles the show and public while I work on the blog.

There are other people on staff but I still have to get everyone’s info and stuff before everyone is known but there are people who do help out.

Like I said, things are slowly being put together and Shadow, the staff and I are hard at work with the blog and show itself.

Oh right, before I forget. Everyone at DSR made a turny bracket. That’s all I’m going to stay for now. Akuma will explain in the next episode. Till Then,

“What R U Listening to?”

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