D Saint Radio Podcast Episode 60 – Just let the bitch die!

The Legend of Zelda, Ziven’s adventures in Dungeons and Dragons, Powers tv show and a bunch of other stuff.


If you could be one animal, what would it be and why?


Lonely Girl – Robert John
Beauty is within Us – Scott Matthew (Ghost in the shell)
Dark that Follows – Evans Blue
Drink you away – Justin Timberlake

DSR Podcast Episode 59: The FCC vs The Internet

We talk about Power/Rangers, nick reboot, and the FCC.


I feel better by Gotye

Dangerous by Big Data feat. Joywave

Over your Shoulder by Chromeo

Cold by Crossfade


I know you shamelessly plugged it in one of your earlier episodes, but now that it’s a thing, which one is your favorite: Nick Reboot or CN Reboot?

So Maxwell, did you see POWER/RANGERS? What did you think about it?

So Maxwell, after seeing that episode of Mass Effect regarding your “crush” on Wrex and your attraction to large characters, why do you feel you gravitate toward them? You don’t have to answer if you feel it’ll end up in TMI territory.


Episode 58 – Avenging Spider-mens

Power Rangers, BIG Marvel news and a bunch of other stuff on the show!

Continue reading Episode 58 – Avenging Spider-mens

Episode 57 – You should be copyrighted

BJ and Reno return to talk Fighting Games, Ghostbusters and something called a Fant4stic.


Okay, I’ll bite. What did you all think of the Fant4stic trailer?

This question’s for Maxwell. As the resident Power Ranger/Super Sentai nerd, which would you say is better?

How about instead of ripping a new asshole into those who want your opinion on the new Fantastic Four movie, you rage about the cast announced for the Ghostbusters reboot instead?

For those of you who play children’s card games: If you had to choose whether to play only Duel Monsters (Yu-Gi-Oh!) or Magic: The Gathering from now on, which would it be?


Misunderstanding – Genesis
Man in The Box – Richard Cheese
Happy Feelin’s – Frankie Beverly & Maze
Pressure – Youngblood Hawke
Justice League: Throne of Atlantis – BUY
Shameless Plugs

Episode 56 – KOMBO!

Favorite songs from our favorite artist/bands, what we like about each other, a review on a movie I never plan to watch and bunch of other stuff are in this episode of D Saint Radio. Welcome back the show!

I’m going to try to have episodes out by 6:30 EST on Wednesday. If for any reason the episode isn’t out by then, check out our Facebook, Twitter or my twitter to see if there is a delay.

Right Click and choose 'save as'
Right Click and choose ‘save as’


What’s one thing you admire about one of your fellow co-hosts?

*RAPID FIRE!* Alien or Predator? Rome or Egypt? Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield? Michael Keaton or Christian Bale? Superman III or Man of Steel? Alan Moore or Grant Morrison?

What did you guys think of the Ant-Man trailer?

What is your favorite song from your favorite artists/band?


You are just gonna have to listen to the whole show to find out. Don’t worry, there is music.


Exodus – WATCH

Log Horizon (If you can understand what I’m talking about) –  WATCH 


Dungeons and Randomness

Kinda Funny



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