s07e03 – Back in My Day

Reno, Maxwell, Ziven, BJ, and myself talk about Pokemon Go, some of Comic-Con, an anime we can’t talk about without spoiling it and more.

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s07e02 – Sh** Don’t Work

I believe I owe you a podcast. Sorry for the long wait guys, this one was a biggie editing wise. But don’t worry, it is worth it but in doing so, I won’t have the episodes up just yet on our Youtube channel just yet. They will be (hopefully) up later this week.

In this episode of the D Saint Radio Podcast, we talk about Meta Barron quitting Destiny, Mighty No. 9’s…release, Capcom messing up Street Fighter V and many, many more.



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Readus 101 (Again)

History Behind The Warrior


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Don’t Let Me Down – The Chain Smokers feat. Daya [Spotify] [Youtube]

Sex With Me – Rihanna [Spotify] [Youtube]

Fire Type – Shofu [Youtube]

Yes and No – Set the Charge [Spotify] [Youtube]

S07E01 – The E3 Opener

We are back ladies and gents! Welcome to a new season of D Saint Radio which also doubles as our E3 episode. Killing two birds with one stones here. Anyway, join myself, Maxwell, Reno and Final as we talk about E3, what we did on our break and Final’s time in Japan. Don’t forget to check out the Facebook Page, our Tumblr and twitter for updates on the stuff we teased about in the future. Don’t also forget about to check out our Youtube videos as well.

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None this week.

Music Picks

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The Round Table Episode One Part One: Movies

D Saint Radio is back…sorta. BJ, ask Maxwell, Reno and myself to do a show he wanted to do back in December where he asked of our opinions on some of the movies that will be coming out in 2016. This isn’t your momma’s D Saint Radio as we talked in a somewhat toned down level and used real names this time.

As you can gather from the title, this is only Part one of the episode as we switched our topics from Movies to Video Games. That will be posted soon and I will link to that when it’s up but for now, enjoy The Roundtable.

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In the season finale, the group handles unfinished business, say goodbye, and makes an important discovery…

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Cast & Characters

Shadow Akuma – Clynte Evurgauthe

Ziven – Spinning Sky/Nayriss/Nya-Nya

Nobu – Maribel Blancfort

Valiastice – Ibrahym Moises

Smiles – B, Beast


Sing – Craig Armstrong

Buchanan Mansion and Daisy Suite – Craig Armstrong

Green Light – Craig Armstrong

Outside – Craig Armstrong




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